Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Could This Be The Gayest Show In The World

Reality TV breaks out....... in the form of The Salon. Oh yes, you can book an appointment at the Salon for just about any beauty treatment, and you get it free, and all you need do is be part of the show. It's like Big Brother where the contestants have to work, and interact with fame hungry members of the public, who just so happen to be having bad hair days. Junior Oliver came out *cough* yesterday. Please note. When you are not actually in the closet (this boy SCREAMED homosexual) there is no need to come out! This was after basically coming on to a naked client. "Do you work out?" (get some new chat up lines boy!) Oliver is very cute tho. At the same time Ricardo (the tranny Brazilian hair stylist) was trying to decide who he fancied more Paul, the manager or Adee. His gay client was not really bothered either way. (I think he was going out with the bloke Oliver was chatting up... thus he may have been a tad distracted).

Oh this is such hilarious TV.

Am going out with becky tonight... yay a Stella session awaits!

Hmm.... I think I have gained a personal shopper at who keeps sending me clothes plus refunds...... I can't quite fathom why any longer.... but oh well.... somebody has to wear em...

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