Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I've just read in the New Statesman (yeah, I try to read all sides of the argument!) that the Government is spending 21 million quid a mile on the M1 one lane extension. That's per mile. Is that not shocking? That's OUR money just going down the drain, nearly 50p a person per mile. No one else a little peeved? I'm a pedestrian, so why should I pay for someone elses road? Make it a toll road! Make all motorways toll roads. Sell them to companies/communities to look after them.

The Government wants councils to charge for using roads. Why them? They should sell them off so only those who use them (or use products transported on them) pay for them? They should not be used as yet another tax.

And wonderful... the police have flying CCTV cameras... I was just thinking the other day "You know, we've used up all available space with fixed cameras so why not create ones that can fly!". Seriously, the new guy at work the other day goes "Sheesh, you guys sure like having cameras everywhere!". In one study, based on Putney, it was estimated that the total number of CCTV cameras in the country is about 4, 000, 000 and that only about 25% of them were "legal" (had proper warning signs). That's 3, 000, 000 illegal cameras watching you, capturing your picture and keeping tabs on your whereabouts. No one else worried? Now I must say some of these cameras are private, and on private property. That's fine. But they should not be in public places where consent cannot be given.

We are taxed lots, kept under tabs lots and treated like children. The Government has made people so irresponsible. No one cares for their environment because the council paid litter cleaner will just pick the stuff up, no one cares about stopping criminals as it's not their problem the police will sort that out and no one cares if some kid next door is having to care for their sick parents from the age of 12 because it's the Governments job to care, not theirs.

People don't intervene when someone causes trouble. People act like sheep. It's time we got the Government and the Councils and those poorly led Corporations out of our lives and took back our freedoms. Time for taxes to be lowered. Time for people to take responsibility for those in need themselves. It's time for people to have a choice over who gets their money, and who doesn't.

I don't want to my taxes going to religious organisations, for instance. Religious schools shouldn't need my pink pound.

The Government should be there to protect life, liberty and property.


See the Philosophy of Liberty

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