Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Everyone!

300 years ago today the Kingdoms of England and Scotland became the Kingdom of Great Britain the state which would eventually become our country, the United Kingdom.

In just a few days the Scots go to the polls and they may elect a Nationalist government which could bring our long history together to an end. I sincerely hope that the Scottish people don't do that. I know the English are hard to put up with (I have to live with them too!) but our shared history is too great to just throw away. We are family, and we are friends.

(And we Brits are the greatest)

Long Live The United Kingdom.

And it's been ten years of Labour Government. Thanks for all the hard work Tony. Please don't leave us... Gordon or Dave? It's not a question I want to ponder.

Better the devil you know. Tories... they caused the American Revolution by being darn right bastards, appeased the Nazis, created the Poll Tax, entered the Suez Crisis and gave us Margaret Thatcher. Don't forget the Second Boer War I hear you cry! We don't want them in again, imagine the mess they'd make of Iraq. Yes... it could be worse.


  1. Happy Union to you. Now and forever!

    As a designer I marvel at how the St. George's Cross and the St. Andrew's Cross flags connect so well together visually to make one pleasing design. Talk about branding. Those heralds had great foresight.

    Even when it was time to have Ireland join in their design fit the Union Flag, too. Uncanny.

    Can you imagine making one flag that used all the elements of the U.S. and Canadian flags? What a mess it would be.

  2. I actually like the Union flag before Ireland joined more than the current one. It just looks cleaner and less busy. But I know what you mean... the three flags were just made to go together!

    I tried to imagine an American/Canadian flag but all I keep getting was just a few extra stars on the stars and stripes... I just don't think the US would give up on the original design!

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