Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One Of Our News Presenters Is Missing

Moira Stuart, what has the BBC done with you?

Moira Stuart is practically Britain, crafted into the shape of a human. She has been a news presenter since before I was born... I've grown up used to her advising me on what fate has befallen us that particular day. She is an institution.... we need her back!

Too old at 55?? The BBC should be ashamed...

Guardian article on her disappearance


I find it awfully painful to link to an article in the loony Scotsman.. but needs must. I saw this story in the Private Eye. This is disgusting!

Cambridge Councillor John Hipkin (Lib Dem) said:

"We keep getting developments of one and two-bedroom houses. I wonder whether this is putting huge pressure of a contraceptive nature on this city.

"People presumably start off single or young marrieds and have children, don't they? Where are they going to go?"

Seems reasonable to me (although I think the council should stop trying to dictate who builds what where). What happens? He gets a complaint from the Lesbian, Gay and Transsexual Group. A complaint of "hetrosexism" (this is descried as "unintentional discrimination" against the LGBT community).

Sorry but I've been a homosexual for quite some time now (23 years?) and yet I've never found the concept of homes for families insulting (except where it's built near me... families = strange children = annoyance, eek.. maybe I'm guilty of homosexism!). Someone on the LGT group needs to get their priorities straight... we need to fight to keep the rights we have, fight to ensure we get the sex education we need and fight for true freedom.

We don't need to pick on some elderly councillor for some remark that has nothing to do with sexuality!


  1. Hi

    the reporting is inaccurate.

    there's a statement which explains all here > http://tinyurl.com/2dcruo

    Cllr Hipkin and CCC LGBT Staff Group

    The following letter has been sent to the Daily Telegraph and the
    Cambridge Evening News in the light of recent media coverage of the
    City Council LGBT Staff group. It is followed by the original letter
    from the group to the leader of the LibDem group and leader of the
    Council regarding Cllr Hipkin's comments.

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