Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Miss Star Trek

No, not the Shatner starring, mini skirt wearing original series. Nor, let me be honest, the rough and ready, Dubya-era Enterprise.

I miss The Next Generation style Trek of my youth, warts and all. I miss all the "humanity will be great in the future" lies, all the 2D characters, all the bloody niceness of the crew. Sheesh... I even miss Wesley.

Sometimes I don't want complicated storylines, I don't want heavy characterisation... I just want a story, with a happy ending and a smile. I don't want to remember the grim reality that is life. I want to dream of the stars, of a humanity free of ignorance and I want to bloody see some phaser battles! Is that too much to ask?

Battlestar Galactica seems to have disappeared up it's own arse this season but I hold out hope that Season 4 will be a bit better. Stargate SG-1 got so blotted with plot and history it practically begged to be cancelled. How could it attract new viewers when you had to know EVERYTHING that happened over the last 10 seasons???

We need a good old fashioned, nineties style Trek series that doesn't care about being "good" in the eyes of some sci-fi elite (those who take it all a little too seriously and forget that being a sci-fi fan is supposed to be a good laugh!). We need a Trek series that says "Let's be nice and have a little fun!". Jean Luc Picard, come back! Please...

In the interests of fairness I will admit I enjoyed Star Trek: Voyager more than Deep Space Nine. So I have a vested interest in lots of fluff and very little consistency... One day Voyager has hole through middle... next it's fine. They just had THE BEST ENGINEERS EVER. So ner.

I apologise for the fact this will be the second geeky post in a row. Such is life. Hope this makes up for it.

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  1. Patrick Stewart was, is, and always will be the shit! I loves me that man!

  2. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Yep, he sure makes up for it!

  3. Anonymous9:26 pm

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