Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Harlow Cuadra Has Been Arrested

Harlow Cuadra (NSFW) has been arrested according to this news story. The arrest is in connection with the murder of Bryan Kocis, founder of Cobra Video and former boss of Brent Corrigan.

Harlow had recently begun a Corriganesqe blog and was claiming that there was soon to be a Cuadra/Corrigan joint production.

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  1. Jimmy in Okla8:09 am

    Having followed the Blogs and new stories for several months it appears there is too much evidence for this sad story not to be true. E-mails, photos, credit card receipts, car and hotel records and then to be tricked again by Sean Lockhart and Grant Roy AKA Corba Killer, the man that blogs say suggested something should happen to Bryan Kocis . It would appear Bryan and Harlow were all obsessed with making money using Sean Lockhart which is also apparently true for Grant Roy. He is the one that sicked Harlow and Kerekes on Mr. Kocis. He also should be arrested for conspiracy to cause murder. Had he lived closer he might have done it himself. I feel very sorry that those two men in Calif have caused so much pain for the family of Mr. Kocis and now for Harlow and Joe's family by causing them to do their dirty work.
    Sean should get as far removed from Grant Roy as possible. I am sure that are people right there in San Diego that heard him talk of how he hoped something would happen to Kocis as was reported in the bogs.


    This seems to have all the requirements for a great movie......not porn.
    Grant Roy seems to be the evil cause and brains behind the whole thing. The young Sean Lockhart is just his boy toy.After first contacting Harlow and his older marine friend he got them to come to Las Vegas. It would seem he filled them full of BS and poison about how Bryan had mistreated young Brent Corrigan AKA Sean Lockhart. No doubt he told them how the movie Bryan produced using Sean had made 3 million dollars and all Sean got was a new car. It would appear he also lured Harlow with a story of how much he and Sean could make if they made a movie together.. Now he is saying they offered to get rid of Bryan that night. Maybe he suggested it. If he and Sean even thought they might, it would seem like they would have contacted the police and Bryan Kocis before, not after it happned. So this continues to be a story of lust, greed, lies and deception. I hope he does not get away with it.Both Grant Roy and Joseph Kerekes are the older two mature people in this story. Grant wanted it to happen and Kerekes was obsessed by Harlow to suggest it and stupid enought to follow through with it.

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