Saturday, May 05, 2007

Shepway - A New Beginning For The Lib Dems?

Post Deleted At Lib Dems Request


  1. I'm shocked!! I honestly never thought I would ever see the day were Jae Kay would allow himself to be dictated to by censorship!!...tut tut Mr Kay...whatever happened to "freedom of speech". Why not repost it and replace the words Lib Dem with "Fascist B'strds"

  2. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Dan Hassett is not the only person who found your now deleted post. I came across it looking for "Toby Philpott" and "Shepway" in Google.

    It's been all round Folkestone now and was a wonderful example of how a by-stander like yourself has been spoon-fed nonsense from the central Lib Dem camp.

    Toby Philpott is animated, friendly and charismatic. Totally the opposite to former PPC Peter Carroll who you rate as one of the best politicians??

    Have you actually ever had a conversation with Toby Philpott? Have you met him? If not it seems you and Sam Matthews have a great deal in common passing judgements on individuals without having any contact with them.

    Mr Philpott has been gaining alot of respect in quarters of Folkestone that had understandably lost all faith in the Lib Dems. Yet his moves forward are wished to be wiped away by certain individuals for their own gain.

    The reasons behind this Beaumont-Prater-Carroll plot are outrageous and disgusting. But what more can you expect of certain key Lib Dems. Honour is a very under-used word in their vocabulary.

    The sad part is Toby Philpott did not deserve any of this and really could have changed the Shepway perception of the Lib Dems.

    All this latest farce will achieve is ensure the Lib Dems get even less District Council seats at the next election.

    And to be honest its all they deserve - particularly the ever-fragrant Lynne Beaumont.

  3. 1) I dislike Anonymous posts intensely. Feel free to call me all sorts of names, just put your name to the comments.

    2) I've had no contact with Beaumont, Prater or Carroll since before the PPC election.

    3) I have met Mr Philpott

    4) A by stander? That's whose going to be voting for MP. Thousands of by standers. Don't belittle us little people.

  4. Holly8:00 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Anonymous9:36 pm

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