Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eurovision 2007 - The Final

YAY! It's Terry Wogan time...

Semi Final Full Results Here
Britain gave Bulgaria 6 points???? Poland 3? Albania (!) 1???? Were we all pissed that day? Nul point the lot of 'em is what I say!

My pessimism is high, but I live in hope for a Euromiracle... We begin...

Bosnia and Herzegovina: It's not a bad song, but just not my thing. 5
"This is Helsinkis equivalent of a man with a nail through his lip" - Terry Quote number 1
Spain: Mmmm... D'Nash. Who wants these guys to sit on their lap? Way better than Spains entry last year... Ooo.. that blonde guy is very nice. 8

Belarus: Did he really need to dye his hair black and cut it short? Hmm no... that's lost him the contest. Shame as this is a good bit of cheese, but good as we don't want this dictatorship to win. Are those people floating in the air? Wow... the power of magic velcro... 8
Ireland: Before they start I vote boring. Usually is.... let's see... Yes... it was. Wow, I've never seen a chorus fit into the song that well... I couldn't tell where it was! 2
"I have to warn you about flashing lights in the next song. I should have warned you about this video too...."
Finland: "This is a bad tempered little lassy". Good. 8
Macedonia: I liked this one before I'm sure... Oh yes... it's that cute guy... Song isn't bad either... 8
Slovenia: Good, but not my kind of thing. 5
Hungary: I like this... 10 points.
Lithuania: No thanks. 2
Greece: Us Brits always keep a second act in reserve in case the first flops. This is ours, Sarbel was born in London. oh dear... this does not sound as good as normal... is he having microphone problems? Well normally I like the song... 8
I'm beginning to think Scooch don't have a chance in hell... I'm not fussed about the win, but a better showing than last year would have been nice...
Georgia: Some good points (the chorus). Some bad points (the rest of the song). love the sword fighting. 7
Sweden: I've had this stuck in my head for the past 3 weeks... what is he wearing around his chest? Worrying... but song is good... 10
France: Wow. Pink. Crazy... 8
Latvia: Hmmm....
Russia: I'm scared. Very scared. 7
Germany: Not as good as I had originally thought... 7
Serbia: I like this song. And I think she is nice, having watched a few interviews... 10
"They're coming to take me away"
Ukraine: They gave us Ruslana... now we have this.... crazy... fun. Not really a song though... 10
The United Kingdom: Awesome? Unsurpassed? Yes. Going to win? No... Do you want something to suck on for landing, sir?
Romania: One of my early favourites... 8
Bulgaria: 0
Turkey: I don't know what is going on with that jacket but still... this is fun. 10
Armenia: Boring 2
Moldova: She can't sing. 2

"My whole life flashs before me when that girl is there. You lose the will to live don't you?"

I bet Montenegro are kicking themselves over splitting with Serbia, they didn't even make the final!
Belarus spokesperson looks terrified (probably had machine guns trained on her). Giving points to Russia??? Surely not!
Armenia... voting for Russia??? NEVER!
Andorra: Voting for France... no votes for Spain????
Austria: Serbia looking strong... no Scooch... hmm...
France!: She is very chatty... Turkey, Ukraine and Serbia all looking good.
Denmark: Sweden??? Amazing...
Greece: 12 points for Bulgaria? I propose a war...
Spain: 10 to Bulgaria? A Europe wide war by the looks of things...
Serbia: 8 to Bosnia, 10 to Macedonia, 12 to Hungary. Can you say Balkan Bloc?
Finland: She is very excited...
Turkey: Turkey voted for Armenia? I suppose that makes up for some past mistakes....
Bosnia: Predictable..
Belgium: no Scooch... uh oh...
Albania: Oh isn't he scary? Nul point for us...
Cyprus, sorry I'm getting distracted by the tears in my eyes ;)
Croatia: Who will they vote for? Macedonia? Bosnia? Serbia? BALKAN BLOC. OK we need to Immediately make Scotland, Wales and England seperate countries so we can all vote for each other.
Slovenia: HELLO... Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia. Well they mixed it up a bit...
Israel: 12 to Belarus? Hmm... from one messed up country to another...
NOT ENGLAND. It's the United Kingdom... Silly Pink Female Thing. Shoot her.
Germany: Greece ARE doing well. Come on Sarbel!
Lithuania: All over the place...
Norway: SWEDEN! Baltic Bloc is back in business.
Switzerland: Pretty normal voting... we should all take note.
Czech Republic: Good to see Prague is in it...
Netherlands: Uh oh... it's him... He is less chatty this time. Thank God
Ireland: Come on Ireland... give us a few... please... YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 points... give that country Northern Ireland as compensation!
Malta: Oh come on guys... we love you... none in the first lot. :( 12 POINTS! Give that country a MEDAL! Malta, you want to invade anyone.. let us know...
Estonia: RUSSIA??? What about the memorial? Have you no shame!
Georgia: Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia. The USSR Bloc.
Bulgaria: We are coming to get you for crimes against music!
Sweden: HELLO. I want to marry this man... Who is he? Andre Pops.. mmm... I like...
Ukraine: Hmm... USSR Bloc?
Russia: Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus... hmm.... The USSR LIVES ON!
Latvia: Oh this man is charismatic...
Iceland: I'm shaking my head...
Moldova: 12 to Romania? Hmph
United Kingdom: 12 to Turkey. We like the belly dancing...
Macedonia: This is not a time to revisit your previous success' young lady!
Hungary: Painful.

Serbia WINS! Well done them... Belgrade 2008

We didn't get nul point. Let's remember that.

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  1. Anonymous11:32 am

    I liked the spanish song...euh...guys a lot. Especially the one on the right of the picture.

  2. We love you too :P


  3. OK Steve, we can share them. After failing so badly in the contest they'll probably be glad that someone wants them!

    Matthew! Honestly, the British public salutes Malta once again!


  4. UN and EU to Impose New Name on Finland

    Using the precedent set by Greece, which persuaded the international community to punish Macedonia for daring to claim the heritage of Alexander the Great by forcing a provisional name, Sweden decided to use the same remedy on obstinate Finland over the issue of Santa Claus.

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