Thursday, May 10, 2007

Eurovision 2007 - Semi Final

So begins the semi traditional "live" Eurovision blog. Please note I'm at the theatre on Saturday so I will be blogging much later than usual (and trying to make sure I don't hear who the winner is until I've seen the contest!)

See info and videos here

I LOVE Eurovision presenters. They are just so darn cute!

The first postcard has a half naked muscled piece of perfection in it... this bodes well...

Bulgaria: It reminds me of one of Madonnas songs on Ray of Light but sung badly and in Bulgarian. Or maybe it's just some kind of mating ritual? He looks like he is enjoying those drums too much. 2 points
Israel: As my Mum once wrote on her score card: “Nil Point Stop Killing Palestinians!” I say... stop killing music. Oh my God... he lost it near the end... worst performance since Jemini??? Mental. Nil points
Cyprus: Love this song. 10 points
Belarus: Hate the country. Love the singer. Like the song. 8 points
Iceland: Oh my God.... revenge of the '80s rockers zombies. He's like a decomposed Dave Lee Roth. 6 points
Georgia: Not bad. Welcome to Eurovision! 8 points
Montenegro: Ooo... hello.. if he wasn't wearing those earrings he wouldn't be half bad. Erm... 8 points?
Switzerland: 12 points! I love Vampires Are Alive... been listening to it for a couple of months...
Moldova: Not bad. 8 points.
The Netherlands: Very nineties. 6 points.
Albania: This i...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Denmark: And I'm back! She's been practicing... this is a much better performance than her heat winning one... 10 points (I'm gay... let me just have this moment...)
Croatia: 8 points. Easily forgettable.
Poland: Ooo... a cage... erm... Imagine being in Indigo in Folkestone... you keep moving from there to The Beach and back again. This is what that song is like... completely messed up. 4 points.
Serbia: She can sing. It's a proper song. It gets 10 points.
Czech Republic: Czech to win just because it'll be a good excuse to go to Eurovision if it's in Prague...
Portugal: Backing dancer is wearing worringly tight clothes... nice song 8 points. Am I being too generous?
Macedonia: Hmmm.. 6 points Backing dancer... wow... HE IS CUTE.
Norway: Bless them... they just keep trying. 6 points
Malta: Mmmm... muscles... Good. 8 points.
Andorra: Aww.... now aren't they cute... a bit like Busted... alright... it's a rip off... 10 points. I'm sure this song is different to the one I heard during their heat... it sounds way better!
Hungary: You know this isn't half bad at all.
Estonia: Whatever happened to the really jaw droppingly weird songs? This is all just so average.
Belgium: Oh this is where the weird songs went! 12 points just for that backing singer who can't dance... bless her!
Slovenia: Wow...
Turkey: Turkish songs. I still love Sertab and then last years too... They haven't disappointed. 8 points.
Austria: Ooo... this has been in my top ten since I first heard it. 12 points
Latvia: A top hat? 3 TOP HATS? It sure is an interesting song...

Half time: D'Nash in a sauna... and NOW Sarbel! Ooo... YUM...

Results. Through to the final are:

Belarus. He can show me his magic potion any time.
Slovenia. Europeans. We are more cultured than even we thought.
Hungary. Eastern Europe are doing well.
Serbia. Come on Western Europe...
Bulgaria. Oh dear God. No. Just no. Will it be Israel next?
Turkey. What about Austria? What about Andorra? What about Denmark? Sob!

:( Oh well... there is still Scooch...

Bring It HOME!

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  1. Jae-Jae,
    Thank you for all this research!!! How I wish we here could see it.

    I do have one suggestion for an improvement to the TV show -- couldn't they have a break in the middle and have a bunch of hetero footballers come in and play ball for 20 minutes? While some has-been rock star from the 70s sings to tracks?

  2. Well the BBC took the decision not to show the half time show for the Semi Final, so we got D'Nash and Sarbel in a sauna, half naked.

    The BBC know who their target audience is!

  3. Anonymous10:22 pm

    I actually got a bit bored while watching it. I agree with your points for Denmark, Turkey and Serbia. I disagree with the 2 points for Bulgaria...that's way too much!

  4. Anonymous9:34 pm

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