Sunday, May 13, 2007

Phantom of the Opera

It was Zoe's birthday yesterday and her mother was kind enough to buy Zoe and I tickets to see the Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre.

I met Zoe at Charing Cross and we immediately headed up to Seven Sisters to see John and Vixie. I thought Seven Sisters was... how can I put this... "interesting" during the night time. During the day time it sure is... something... Anyway we arrived at John and Vixies flat (they've moved, and it's got a lot more space) and found Vixie sitting on the floor making flags for Eurovision. It didn't take me long to find out she was a rabidly unpatriotic person who was supporting the Ukraine and HATED Scooch. Vixie is off my Christmas list, and just wait until she sees her wedding present... ;) As always Vixie and John were delightful as always.

After an hour or so of Pingu watching (yes, Pingu) Zoe and I headed back into town and randomly choose an Italian restaurant that 1) neither of us had been to or heard of before and 2) wasn't part of a chain. Food was nice and very filling.

And then it was off to the theatre! Firstly I owe a big thanks to Zoe's mum who, unlike most people, remembered my special requirements of needing some where to put my legs so seated me at the end of aisle. We settled in, but just as the show was starting a small drama unfolding behind us as two kindly old ladies were dragged from the theatre having turned up a day late. Bless them.

The show was wonderful, the acting good, the songs great and the set AMAZING. The chandelier was a triumph. The actress playing Christine was the same one who played Cosette in the last Les Mis Jim and I attended.

Randomly bumped into Elliot on way home, sorry I was so tired and out of it!

Thank you Zoe for a brilliant day.

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