Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Blasts From The Past, Part One

An irregular series of brain dumps...

I don't know about you but I have these niggling memories that just won't go away. Memories that just go round and round for weeks then disappear for a couple of years before returning to haunt me again. Now, when I say haunt it's not because I consider them bad memories. They are actually very random and stupid. No I mean they just won't go away!

So Jae's first Blast From The Past is a scene from a 1992 episode of Taggart. See what I mean. RANDOM. Let's set the background:

When I went to primary school in Sellindge my mother decided that I could no longer stay home alone after school. Instead every day after school I went to some womans house in the middle of a sheep field. Seriously. Anyhew... her daughters were a few years below me in school but I got on with them, and they watched Star Trek: TNG every day so they weren't that bad. Things I remember: her cooking always tasted awful. One of her daughters names was Alice. And the girls were pretty much constantly naked in the house which meant I had to stare at the ceiling during breaks in TNG. Bizarre.

Somehow, and now I really don't understand what my mother was thinking, I ended up going on holiday with this bizarre family to the Lake District. We stayed in a lovely old cottage.

Actually, come to think of it, this is the setting for two Blasts From The Past's but I'll save the other one for another post.

So one evening on this holiday I was allowed to stay up quite late and I watched my first (and only) ever episode of Taggart. I've since discovered it was called "Nest of Vipers". Basically the killer used exotic animals to kill his victims. Now Mr Shadowman was still, at that point, considered not to exist sooooo basically it dramatises my ultimate fear at the time; someone leaving a poisonous snake in my bedroom who kills me just after waking me up so I can die with a terrified look on my face. So it was scary... yeah... I was messed up.

But the one scene that really sticks out is the one where the killer has a victim round for dinner and tries to kill her with frog poison on her spoon. The scene involves him licking the spoon in a strangely reptilian way. This is the scene that just won't leave my head... I cannot lick a spoon without that scene playing through my mind.

Maybe it's because I felt the actor playing the murderer was actually quite cute but had no idea at the time that that was what I was thinking. Maybe it was because I felt the portrayal of him was a little... queer? Even if he was killing women, and again I certainly wouldn't of thought this at the time. Or maybe because the rest of the show was just too terrifying for words and that scene just put the weird icing on the scaly cake.

I think I need to see it again just to try and get this out of my head... so I've added it to my Amazon Wishlist

P.S. On a completely unrelated note my birthday is on the 18th June.

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  1. Like we didn't know that your birthday was 18 June!

    What happens this time? Will you be 24? Oh, my, my. Almost at the quarter century mark.

    I just got back from a quick visit with family in Maine and there will soon be news about the trip on the Kenyo blog. And just for you, my Kentish lad, special Stephen King info from my visit to his home town -- Bangor (Maine).

  2. I'm 19! Again.

    Ooo... I'll be looking forward to that post!!!! :D

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