Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Big Brother 2007

It's that time of the year; Dermot O'Leary loving time. Mmm... that man is just so yummy. And with him comes Big Brother 8... 8! Sheesh... it feels like only weeks ago since I was wounded by Anna's second place on Big Brother 1... Darn you Craig!

House: Davina is getting slowly more insane. I feel we are watching her descent into dementia, spread out over 8 years. Worrying. House is... mad! I love it. Crazy colours, with everything just plain screwed up! What a big bed! I want that bed!

That bathroom is great... I WANT THAT SHOWER.

That bedroom is going to stink with an oven in there!

Fridge in the garden. Poor housemates. Poor, poor housemates.

Housemates: Sam and Amanda. Twins! Ditzy. Oh dear God, they are blonde... in the bad way. Bless them. Are they two seperate housemates, or are they classed as one?

Lesley: She seems nice, if a little mad!

Charley: Very Eighties.

Tracey: Erm.

Chanelle: Out of her mind. This is a weird lot.

I really wanted some men. :(

Shabnam: Very Eighties.

Emily: I feel so old. These 18 year olds all seem like babies to me. Emily gives herself 10 out of 10 for intelligence??? Sheesh talk about arrogant. Guess who she plans to vote for... the Tories. Arrogance. Tory. NEVER!

Laura: I thinking of someone from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory right now. Three Jae Stars to anyone who can tell me which character she reminds me of.

Nicky: I like Nicky. She seems nice.

Carole: Uh-oh.

No men. What's the point of BB without men to stare at?? Oh wait... Dermot O'Leary!!

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