Sunday, June 11, 2006

To Infinity

Thursday I headed to Wimbledon Park with a couple of people from work to see our office team compete in a Dragonboat race. It was cool, one of the teams consisted of teachers so there was a crowd of hundreds of school kids to create a party atmosphere. We came second from last, which is pretty good considering our team hadn't trained at all. Wimbledon Park is really rather pleasant.

After that we headed (via a journey and a half) to Wimbledon station and a bar named the Terrace which was rather nice. I was complemented on my teeth and my intelligence... all was good. Nice to get to know some of the newer people a little better.

Headed home early Friday morning to find the 24 hour shop was not open. Hmm...

Friday... was a work day but Jim came home from another week away so I was very pleased to see him.

Saturday... after a hellish trip to some shops (stuck in a car park for 40 minutes... nuff said) Jim and I headed to Lympne via a Nan pick up in Snodland. Saw my cousin "Little" Tony. Haven't seen him for a couple of years, and he is now 18 and looks and acts like a man. It was refreshing to see him all grown up. He seemed like he'd become a really nice bloke.

After the match (football? What what?) we had a BBQ and we finally escaped around midnight. Good to see everyone but that house is a little too busy at the mo. I felt bad about leaving though because Beth and George really seemed like they wanted me to stay.

Big Brother. Grace is EVIL. Nikki is ANNOYING. Sam was evicted. Shame on this nation... Nikki is the spawn of some really annoying acolyte of the Devil. She has to go. Pete has got off with Nikki. He is now a marked man in my opinion. And there's a new housemate called Susie... the Golden Housemate. I hope she slaps Grace.

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