Sunday, June 11, 2006

Doctor Who - I Love You


I was always an early riser as a child... sometimes I'd be up as early as 4am. But I'd never bother my Mum, I'd just head downstairs, make breakfast and watch television. At that time of the morning there was nothing on except infomercials (American ones at that) and television for the under 2 months old child. Sundays in the earlies Nineties were particularly awful... so I often found myself watching Blake's 7 on UK Gold it was... ok. I never really warmed to it. It was followed by Doctor Who.

Being alive in the United Kingdom meant I knew more about Doctor Who than I did about the Bible. This was despite the fact that back then I'd never seen Doctor Who before. In Britain you just know who the Daleks are. The first story I saw was the Keeper of Traken and I was hooked. As in the very next story the Fourth Doctor regenerated into the Fifth, I'm apt to tell people that "my" Doctor was the Fifth Doctor. Everyone has their own Doctor... he's the one that first got them into the show.

Doctor Who was my escape from the mundanities of childhood, and it was a pleasure I didn't have to share; Doctor Who had been cancelled and was slowly being forgotten at the time. I loved it's quirkiness, it's comedy, it's tragedy. It wasn't Shakespeare but it was top notch entertainment.

I was soon reading Virgin New Adventures stories, DWM and buying the videos. I was not the Doctors most obsessive fan. I was, however, heading towards hardcore. Over time I started to do stuff.. get a boyfriend, get a life, and have exams. Doctor Who faded into the background. It was still a love, but it was placed on the back burner. After all, I thought, it wasn't going anywhere... it was finished after all.

Last year it started again and slowly, but surely, my love affair has been rekindled. Even if some of the continuity has been turned on it's head, even if the Doctor and Rose have kissed... it's still the Doctor. Things may change, people might grow old... but the Doctor is always there to take your mind of it. Doctor Who I love you!!

The Tenth Doctor is rapidly overtaking the Seventh Doctor as my all time fave. Even Rose is working her way up my fave companions list... although she's not a patch on my beloved Ace.

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  1. Well i have to say David Tennent is a close second behind Tom Baker as the best Dr Who.

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