Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Crave Anyone?

Yesterday was my birthday celebrations (I'm 20 today!!!!!!) and as per usual birthday requirements I had a fabtastic time!!! John and Zoe came over to pick me up and John gave me his gift which was Alanis - Jagged Little Pill (replaces my old one that disappeared... cheers John!!). We went to the cinema in Ashford and saw Anger Management which was far better than I had thought it would be based on the trailiers. Yay! Then we were at a loss for what to do next till I mentioned bowling. So off we went and needless to say Zoe (as always!) thrashed me and John right royally. :o) After that we had a drink at Ashford Spoons and headed home to.. erm... McDonalds.. where I got a Big Mac meal.

So feeling hungry we headed off to Bar Vasa for a meal. Which was really nice (the Big Mac meal was just a snack.... he he...) and delicious and stuff. Zoe gave me her gifts which are a key ring bottle opener which says "My Cat Drove Me To Drink" and some CK Crave.... extremely thoughtful and nice and stuff.... and her parents sent me a card too.... it seemed everyone was having a birthday in Bar Vasa.

We headed off to Spoons which smelt and was hot. Laura and Sophie joined us which was great. We moved swiftly on to the Leas Club, which was cool. Then Gareth stopped by outside to give me my present for the morning (so sweet) and Zoe came out and meet him... see he does exist!!!

Zoe gave me a lift home, slightly tipsy tho I was. Thanks to all 5 of you for being there for me. I couldn't ask to know nicer people.

So presents: Gareth got me Chirstina Aguillera (sp?) - Stripped, a dairy milk bar, some pepsi max (so knows me!!) and a huge bottle of CK Crave (again thoughtful... I know too many thoughtful people...). Mum and Tony gave me £50, Beth got me a Penfold teddy to go with my Danger Mouse one, and George got me an FCUK smellies thingy. Lead to much amusement this morning as Beth sat on bed pretending to read the bottles.... "F-U-C-K". Of course I gave her a concerned brotherly look through my tears of laughter. Also £10 from Nan and £10 from Auntie Martine. Miss Melly again today. I wonder if I'll ever stop missing her.

Conservatives ahoy! Eek Oh well that's probably the harshest criticism I've had in two yearsof blogging so can't complain.

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