Saturday, June 17, 2006

Wild Animals

Today is the last day of my 22nd year. I got 5 cards in the post. I've never had that many cards in the post before. After the kids (minus Ian) arrived we shoved them in the car and drove down to Lympne to see my family. My sister Beth was totally moody seeing me paying attention to children other than her. She wouldn't even kiss me goodbye which made me feel a little sad. Mum got into her "Grandmother" role far too enthusiastically. Trust me... seeing your Mum being Gran is one of the scariest moments of your life. As we left Mum gave me a cheque which she wouldn't let me look at... hmm... a surprise for my birthday...

After that we drove to Port Lympne which is a wild animal park in the village my parents live in. I've been there so many times but it is still one of the best animal attractions in the country that I've been to. Huge paddocks and enclosures for the animals who look (and act) like they are healthy and well looked after. My favourite part has always been the gorilla enclosure (Port Lympne and it's sister park Howletts have the largest captive gorilla population in the world). Port Lympne is home to a beautiful silverback who today we managed to catch sitting right next to the window of the enclosure studying the visitors intently. It was patently obvious that this was a creature with a formidable intelligence. And just so big as well! Loved it. Chiang Mai might of had an edge on quantity of exhibits but Port Lympne is QUALITY.

Doctor Who tonight was a bit trite but I'll give it points for originality. Just not my cup of tea.

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  1. Birthday greetings from Sweden, Mate. Hope it's a good one.

  2. Happy Birthday Jae !

    Oh to be back in my 20's again, the things I'd do differently. You enjoy your youth while you can. Keep the grey hairs at bay !!

    Mark xxx

  3. Here's hoping you have a WONDERFUL birthday! XOXO!

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