Friday, June 30, 2006

An Overdue Big Brother Update...

So since we last spoke about Big Brother 7 Grace has been evicted (YAY!) and so has Lisa (thank God... I'm not the biggest fan of swearing...). Susie, the Golden Housemate (sounds so Power Ranger ish!), has entered the house. Nikki has inexplicably become very popular, despite being annoying enough to make me reach for a knife. And she's all over my Pete. HANDS OFF. Aisleyne and Susie were up for "eviction" today. Well they thought they were but it was actually about who got moved into a second BB house with 5 new housemates... mwhahahahaha...

Aisleyne was evicted and my heart went out to her she started hyperventilating as she walked up the stairs. Thank God they didn't make her walk out the door!

The BB 7 Version 2.0 Housemates

Jonathon - Lovely arms.

Spiral - He's just a little Irish.

Jenny- CHAV.

Michael - He wants to be with a girl, but he just doesn't fancy them. Rrrrrright.

Jane - What is it with big breasts this year??? She's mad.

Aisleyne was told by BB that she would have to evict 4 of the housemates over 4 days. All 4 will go to the Big House.

Tomorrow is Europride, which I shall be attending with Sam America and Mer(edith). If you're gonna be there drop me a line!! Meeting readers is always fun!

London Pride's of the past...

My first Pride

My first Big Gay Out

Jim's first Pride

I love having a blog... my memories good but it's the little details I forget like Ben's red glitter hat, Ste's friend Pete wearing a leather collar (PHWOAH!), Sam Fox, and the biggest hat in the world!!! This blog reminds me of the small joys hidden in among the big ones.

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  1. ok, now you have to fill me in, what the hell is bagsy???

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