Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Odds and Ends

It's the Day Of The Devil today. So I'd like to say a fond farewell should I do and be sent to Hell today (and a big hello as well I spose as you, Dear Constant Reader, will be right there with me!)

If you are feeling a bit reverent (or irreverent) today why not check out the Skeptics Bible (thanks Martian) but I really recommend the Skeptics Book of Mormon. I know I'm sad...

As my first act as a renewed Lib Dem... please support their Anti Homophobic Bullying Campaign by signing their petition

In Big Brother... Richard has earned himself a fresh start by nominating Grace. GRACE. Thank the Lord someone saw sense. Grace is like a cancer in the house, her tendrils spreading out amongst the unsuspecting housemates. Glyn is too naive to realise how bitchy Grace was being about Aisleyne while they were chatting. "She's a dog" Grace hissed at Glyn... Glyn seemed not to notice. I think Grace could grow a large nose with a wart on it, turn green, wear a black witches hat and run around the house screaming about how she was going to kill them all and boil them for breakfast and it'd go straight over most of their little heads.

I'm watching It at the moment and I think Grace is Pennywise, we're the Losers Club (i.e. we can see her for what she is... a monster) and the Housemates are the rest of the town of Derry. Let's kill her before she eats us!!!

Nikki and Sam are up for nomination. Get Nikki out of there.

On a side note... Pete was telling people how he gets upset if he kills a snail or any small creature. I love him.

Jim's away at the mo in Birmingham. I miss him soooo much already.

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  1. Grace and Lisa need to go... I hate it wen grace says that everyones two faced wen really she's the one who is...

    Nicely said by the way.

  2. woot 30 credits on blog tycoon :)

  3. Ice.Fire - Yep I think Grace and Lisa are my two least favourire right now as well.

    Jae - Thanks for the info on the Anti Homophobic Bullying Campaign. I think we really need to hit higher a well though. The Pope and G. Bush have come out with some awful homophobia this week and I just wish I new how to respond to it.

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