Sunday, February 09, 2003

To Hell And Back

I was going to tell you how many C list celebs I am friends with but that will have to wait as am too stressed for that!!

Firstly heard Sam on the radio. yay!! Way cool!

Hmmmm...... having listened to so much Chicago music I can say one thing..... IT ROCKS......

I foolishly agreed to go to IKEA with Mum, Debbie-Debs and Beth. It started off with attempting to find a parking space, while mum hung her head out of the window screaming abuse at anyone who came near (she wasn't driving may I add!). Then it was sssssoooo busy in the store. Me and Debs must of tried every sofa rating its colour (too brown... too green..... too black) and comfyness ("I couldn't watch TV on this it ain't got no arms!"). At the same time I was cruising some really cute single guys but they were shopping at normal gay man speed, so I fell way behind having to allow for the slowness of the girls. Got some nice looks tho.

Made it to restaurant where we waged war on everyone, barging and pushing. Then feeling rather chuffed we made it to a table... then Beth spilled her jelly and everything went BLAH! Did make plans to move into Debs Sandgate flat when she moves out.

Then as we waited for Debbie to catch up later on I bet Mum fifty pence that Debs wouldn't be silly enough to buy a massive rug. Thats fifty pence I'll never have again! She brought out this HUGE rug and then we joined the queue for NO TROLLIES ONLY SMALL GOODS!!!! (there were only three of these aisles out of 30) despite the fact we had two trollies..... We ditched them, and I tried to persuade Debs to ditch the rug. She didn't and I ended up lugging it round. Hmph! The queue was like a million miles long. Finally we got to the front where Beth managed to smash a vase..... grrr..... then we lugged all our stuff to Debs car, she opens the boot and its already filled with boxes....

"Oh I forgot those were there"

Using massive amounts of brute force we fitted everything in (with background "Mind my orchids" from mum). we finally made it home after detour down the M2 in search of McDonalds. We find a burger king. But nobody wanted anything anyway....... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............................

So after that we all need abit of tension relief.... so click here for a real treat!!

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