Saturday, February 15, 2003

I Have A Man On The Phone

Firstly.... Dolly the cloned sheep is dead!. Not very well reported!!

So yesterday was my last day at work. It was actually rather sad. I skipped into work, and for the first hour or so I thought nobody had remembered, which was good as I could skip on out at the end of the day.

But everyone had remembered. My team gathered round me to say their good byes, al said they'd really miss me, and they gave me LOADS of chocalate as a parting gift. Lynda gave me a kiss on the cheek, which was rather disconcerting...... Then all the supervisors said goodbye, all checking I was OK..... By the end of the day most people had said goodbye and had said how sad they were that I was going. Then finally I took my last call.... a price enquiry, put my phone on make busy, did a last minute check of my desk to make I wasn't leaving anything. I went and handed in my security pass to Cheryl, the late shift all said goodbyes and there was plenty of disconcerting kisses.....

I said goodbye to Emma, and then to Lisa (who took the job I refused) and went off very much saddened by the whole day. NO MORE EUROTUNNEL JAE!! No more LPG, TOD, CRM.

Jenny and Cheryl told me they'll miss me coming up to the help desk and saying "I've got a man on the phone" which they claim is my catchphrase (no one told me!) and the way I say it cracks em up.

On the love front. I have been offered money to beat someone up. Honestly. As in a fetish kinda way. I can't do that! Especially not for money! Can I?

I am going out on a date with Ian on Thursday.

I don't think Stephen loves me anymore.... no Valentines from him. :o( Not even a text message.

Got one Valentines. It was from Ben. Hmmm....


Yay...... a message from Ste...

"Soz I didn't reply to ur txt but haven't had any credit lately :( HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!! Though admittedly belated. How's u been then; tall, dark haired n handsome???

Hope all is well at ur end, things are fairly standard at this end, n bout a month n half till I turn 21. YAY!!!!

Anyhew I will chat soon, take care

Love Ste xx"

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