Friday, February 21, 2003

Things Always Seem Better From The Outside

Yesterday me and Stacey went for lunch in Broadmead Village. This is an estate which I lived in up until 1999. I used to hate the place!! But God how I regret it!! The place is an oasis of calm just off the motorway, with trees, grass and gorgeous paths. We followed the stream (which me and my mate Jon used to dam up! hehe) annoyed the ducks, stared in a menacingly hungry way at the Koi Carp and went to the old shop where I was head paper boy. Barbara was sitting at the till. Bless her heart. She looked like one of those artificially aged people in the movies, with their grey skin, grey hair and faux wrinkles. Only it was real, time had taken hold of her. She recognised me immediatly.

"Oh Jason how you have changed, you haven't visited us in years!"

It was so nice. I had Stacey planning her future happiness there, and I was too..... so peaceful and calm and lovely. I can't for the life of me remember why I hated the place.

Last nights movie trip was great. Ben Affleck rocks. And the movie wasn't sickly sweet, it was quite funky!

Today was last day of training.... I think I have it sussed...... almost.... :o/

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