Sunday, February 16, 2003

Give Peace A Chance

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The biggest political protest in this countries history occured yesterday (somewhere between 750 000 and 1 500 000 people were involved). Euan Ferguson in The Observer said of it:

"round the corner in Piccadilly, the ground shook. An ocean, a perfect storm of people. Banners, a bobbing cherry-blossom of banners, covered every inch back to the Circus - and for miles beyond, south to the river, north to Euston."

I don't want you to think I am anti war. I am not. I am just not too sure that a unilateral pre-emptive attack on a soveriegn nation by the USA, Britain and Australia is the way to go about solving problems. It would set an alarming precedent. I support a UN led war on Saddam (and hopefully other dictators and scoundrels like Mugabe, the Saudi royal family, Sharon and Bush [ok so I was joking about the last one!]) whereby should Saddam break human rights conventions or not cooperate with the inspectors then the UN forces could go in, and set up a UN protectorate and ease the country towards self determination. Surely this "coalition of the willing" would be willing to support this, and defend the ideals of peace and justice? Surely they would be more than happy to give resources, intellignce and experience to such a venture?

But anyway this march was such an expression of people power that surely Blair may now remember he is our Prime Minister and not Bush's lap dog? Bush leads the US not the UK!

For the next few days I'll be highlighting some sites I really found interesting such as:

The World History Of Male Love Library was really intruiging, and has made me wonder whether the issues of dominance and submission in homosexual relationships are rather more important than I previously thought. It has at least made me think about my sexuality in a whole new way. Less history more anthropology.

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