Thursday, February 06, 2003

All That Jazz

Seems I have been paid sick leave for once!! Yay!! This is my last week working for my current temping agency. :o( Next week the new lot take over, and already they are shaping up to be..... below par shall I say.

Have not had any snacks for two days...... am beginning to suffer withdrawal symptoms!! Must..... eat..... chocolate.....

On side note...... am so tired of being around straight people all day at work. Emma came in last night for her part time late shift, and I all but grabbed her, and asked her how her girlfriend was. Not having Stacey there to be silly with anymore, has caused me to look around and see only boring people. A couple of nights ago I had Roy complaining that there were too many poofs and lesbians about. Hmm.... he must be the last to know!! Some guy was in yesterday, appeared to be training. He registered on my gaydar...... must investigate further......

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