Monday, February 24, 2003

Eek..... I Actually Had To Work Today

Yes so it was my first day actually on the phones. I think it went alright. Apart from the start. Elina (one of my trainers) goes "OK two of you won't be going on the phones today" *Jae sits there chanting quietly "please be me, please be me"* That's David and Marino. "One of you we may want to try on some other lines as we feel you are ready for that. *please don't be please DON'T be me* "That's Jason. Bugger. I hate it when people think I can do stuff!!!

Other news MT spotted in Spoons yesterday........... I wish I'd been there.... Wouldn't be easier if I could just marry him?? Then everyone.... bar him and his girlfriend... would be happy. We need a UN resolution on the matter.

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