Tuesday, February 04, 2003

The Enormous Blob

I am sssssoooo fat....... ah! All this using cars and stuff is meaning my waistline if growing way too much! Must go back to walking more!!

So begins The Jae Kay 2003 Project building on last Junes successful project

1) Stop being this fat!!!
2) Continue to increase happiness
3) Ensure constant financial stability
4) Have sex with lots of gorgeous people
5) Get more gay friends!!!

Yesterday at work, I got given yet another week of lates on my rota (this means I am working next week!). Thats five weeks of lates out of six weeks of work!!! Also me and Lisa were having our lunch in the break room when we were witness to some shocking behaviour.... by our supervisors!! Sara attacked the vending machine till it gave her free stuff, among many other loutish behaviour..... tut!!

No more stacey at work! :o( I miss her loads!!

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