Sunday, February 23, 2003

Sad News

My Uncle Claude died yesterday after a long illness. He was a member of my extended family, and a very lovely man. My thoughts go to his family.

This story is sick. Hunting for food is fine. Hunting for fun should either be done by hand or not at all. I mean killing an animal of such beauty and power with a gun is so wimpy it's unbelievable. If you want a lion's head as a trophy, wrestle it like a MAN. Don't shot it from your safe 4x4 (don't even start me on people who own 4x4s) with your expensive gun (penis extension as you've got no knob) before going back to the hunting lodge for a spot of afternoon tea and a cream bun. WIMPS!

And come on UN. Make a stand against the US and Iraq. Take the war into your own hands, and make Iraq a UN protectorate. We can't stop this imperialist war... the military scheldure has gone too far.... but maybe we can divert it and make it something good.

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