Sunday, February 09, 2003

Preachy Jae

This, I think, will surfice as Mondays Post as well.

I just saw a programme called "The Second Coming" by Russell T. Davies. Davies is a man I respect he wrote Queer As Folk and likes Doctor Who. In other words he is a genius.

But this programme has made me very annoyed. Firstly: it was a pile of shit. SHIT. Good and Evil are things to big to be discussing on ITV (a channel where they warn audiences before some shows that there may be "frank discussions"). Secondly: I hate people who preach. And that was what this thing was all about. Preaching.

I try not to talk about my religious beliefs much. Why? Because I believe my relationship with the Gods is something intensely private. Also its because I try not to have "beliefs" as such. I try to have a "good idea" about things (see Dogma for an explanation!). Russell T. Davies has written something which so far has turned out to be deeply insulting and hurtful. He has gone a step too far, and trys to put words into the mouth of God. He may think he is being clever, funny and entertaining.

Truely, he is no better than those idiots who wrote Leviticus. He is a lazy writer. He is a bad writer. And his Son Of God is an INSULT to the very concept. But maybe part two will change my mind. You never know.

One bright light tho was when the announcer during the ads goes "The New Harry Hill Show is after The Second Coming". Made me smile. :o)

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