Monday, February 03, 2003

Just Another Nancy Boi

"Alcoholic kind of mood
Lose my clothes, lose my lube
Cruising for a piece of fun
Looking out for number one
Different partner every night
So narcotic outta sight
What a gas, what a beautiful ass"
"Nancy Boy" - Placebo

I went out with Zoe and John down to Gee's last night which was fun. I played some of the worst/best songs in the world on the jukebox, before Zoe and John started complaining. Muhahaha

Also rediscovered why I love JD so much. Because it tastes flipping great! Oh was also rather annoyed that "She Fucking Hates Me" - Puddle of Mud had all the "fucking" silenced out on the jukebox. Bliming censorship!

My life of hedonism I had when I was 16, seems to be returning. Sex is once again no big deal. Yet I don't really feel comfortable in accepting this life, as it'll mean giving up things I have come to love. When I was 16 it was just Jae Against The World. Random shags, drinking, and hanging out with what my family would probably describe as "bad sorts" was ok. Now I have a job, a boyfriend, a beer belly, and friends who I love. (Beer belly will definetly have to go). And yet I feel drawn to return to being a little risque. Because then I can really look down my nose at the boring hetrosexuals who deny us our rights, an act of total rebellion should I say.........

And it all breaks down at the role reversal
Got the muse in my head, she's universal
Spinning me round, she's coming over me
And it all breaks down at the first rehearsal
Got the muse in my head, she's universal
Spinning me round, she's coming over me

Does his make-up in his room
Douse himself with cheap perfume
Eyeholes in a paper-bag
Greatest lay I ever had
Kind of guy who mates for life
Gotta help him find a wife
We're a couple when our bodies double

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