Friday, February 07, 2003

Thank Fuck Its Friday

Five late shifts in a row have sent me over the edge. I was actually talking to myself yesterday, and Zoe was witness to some hideous make up of new wordsige...

Here is some evidence of my insanity from this morning:

Zoe: hmmm safeway seem to have paid me about £20 too much! cool
Jason: okey dokey sounds great!! 20gbp? drinks are on me!!
Jason: no on you!
Jason: what am i saying?
Jason: aaaahhhh

And the really scary thing is I said gbp instead of £...... my job has taken over my mind!!!

Anyway got a DVD out from Blockbuster with Zoe.... Reign of Fire. Twas a tad "lame" (quoting Zoe). Hmm..... we are still waiting for "Seriously Dude Where's My Car?" with the gorgeous Ashton Kutcher. Mmmmm..... wanders off thinking about Ashton and some hot wax.....

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