Saturday, February 08, 2003

If You'd Seen it, If You'd Been There

OK so went out last night, after busy day at work, to leas Club, where I oogled bouncer with Zoe. But we soon got bored, so we moved on (after briefly spotting Ellie thro a crowd shouting "Jason I love you"). We went to Spoons saw Becky and Terri, phoned Pete, got bored, moved onto Tescos bought Chicago album, cream eggs, and loads of pepsi max Got a phone call from Sam (gossip yay!). Got home, was very drunk, went on net while listening to album chatted to Greg, looked at porn, fell asleep.

Woo...... am tired now!!

OK everyone go visit Karen's site and say some nice things to her. She isn't too happy right now, and that is never a good thing. Karen we love you!

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