Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gibbs The Bearded Dragon and Nuf The Venus Fly Trap

Gibbs is very settled in now. Jim and I tend to leave his vivarium open when we are in, and he often pops out to see what's going on, and returns normally without any fuss. He has shed again this weekend and is now an absolutely gorgeous orangey colour, and far happier for getting out of his old skin. He has a great personality, lovable to Jim and amusingly suspicious towards me (he'll happily sit on me, but he also regards me from his vivarium with a look that seems to ask "Is it going to eat me?"). Honestly he has livened up the living room and is absolutely a joy. And it's been great to see Jim go from an eager buyer of a bearded dragon to an enthusiastic carer. He loves Gibbs so much, he's even wrote a book and made a website about him!! Check it out at My First Bearded Dragon (if I can't plug my other halves stuff on this blog, then what's the point?!)

Nuf is not doing so well and that is entirely my fault. She needs more light. She NEEDS more light. I have a strict budget and will need to wait until the end of next week before I can get her some grow lights. Whilst most carnivorous plant growers would look at me in disdain for admitting this, I think this looks quite snazzy. Will it be enough light? Doubt it based on the Carnivorous Plant FAQs. But nevertheless I shall persevere.

Now... if only Jim would let me get a Praying Mantis... okay.... maybe that is one step too far!!

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