Sunday, March 05, 2006

In Memorandum

As I'm apt to do, I recently took a trip down memory lane. Using the Wayback Machine I went and read a little of my old posts on my old templates and by the Gods that was depressing! But more importantly, I saw my old blogrolls. What a graveyard they were.

I remember the "olden days of blogging", when things were new... before people started using ads on their blogs, before link exchanges, when the web ring was all powerful, and when blogs were interesting. I remember Mister Alan when he wrote in English, and Karen. I remember, True Porn Clerk Diaries, Closet Boy, Dusty, Just Like Heaven and Sister Mary Matthew and his school for wayward girls. And there's a little bit of me that misses them, and misses how blogging used to feel.

I'm not saying things now are "bad". Just different. You can't stop change. It just amazes me to remember a time before the war in Iraq and the culture wars, before dull blogs about "1000 Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem" and "My Blog About Tractor Marketing", and before spyware pop ups (I'm looking at you PoetX!). Blogs used to be so blunt, raw, and personal. You really used to get a feel for who someone was... there aren't many blogs in my blogroll that remind me of that time. But hey there's a few.

So in memory of those who have gone before I pledge...

1)I shall never allow commercial adverts here
2) I will blog as long as I am able
3) To strive to find blogs as funny as Mister Alan and Sister Mary Matthew, as touching as Dusty, as well written as True Porn Clerk Diaries and as sexy as Somagod.

And now here's some blasts from the past...

Blue Roses

If anyone has any info on the whereabouts of the missing (and Gregita) let me know!!!


  1. Jae,
    What a lovely post you have made today. I will spend hours visiting those links.

    As for old links, I shudder when I use the Wayback Machine and see my early site design. A little HTML is a dangerous thing.


  2. I was playing around on Technorati today and came across this post of yours mentioning my blogger i.d. I must have missed this the first time round! What did I do wrong? I don't get the relevance to me and Spyware! It's niggled me all day. Don't know why it should bother me now but it does. Please explain.


  3. often times one of the ads on your site generates a "spyware ad" pop up box... Firefox kills it though

  4. ah, Jae, it's been a long time, hasn't it? I was thinking about Greg today, wondering where that silly old custard got to. He just seems to have disappeared.......sadly, for he was a good friend, I thought, someone who could make me laugh and make me so mad all in the space of a few minutes. If you hear from him, please let me know.
    And yes, I'm still a princess. :-)

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