Wednesday, July 01, 2009

RIP Mollie Sugden AKA Mrs Slocombe

Mrs Slocombe has passed away, there has been no news regarding the whereabouts of her pussy. Famous for her time in Are You Being Served? she has been one of those television characters that you just can't help but love!

Not since Her Majesty, the Queen Mother passed away will a lady be so very much missed by us all.

Farewell Mollie, you shan't be forgot!

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  1. We will miss Mollie Sugden here in the States as well. 'Are you Being Served' has run for so many Saturday nights on PBS that we have memorized all the lines.

    One time they did a tribute show devoted to Mollie. It was shown on broadcast TV, and as U.S. broadcasters tend to be a tiny bit puritanical, we wondered if they would air any of the pussy jokes. Well they ran a tape with every pussy joke the show had ever had.

    We couldn't have loved it more.

  2. That's sad! Use to watch "Are you being served?" here in the states". My heart goes out to her family.