Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nuf's First Meal

So whilst feeding Gibbs his terrifyingly large locusts today...

I found a tiny little one in the tub, and I thought "Aww.... cute." This thought was quickly followed up with "The guy sure looks like plant food to me." Yeah... owning a carnivorous plant makes you a little sick....

So I've given Nuf her first hand fed meal. I know, from the corpse of the aphid in one of her traps, she's had a meal sometime in the past, but this is her first "hand fed" one.

I feel sort of bad for the poor locust trapped in her large trap on the right of that photo. With Gibbs it's simple You give him the locust. He eats it there and then and the locust doesn't suffer. But with Nuf, that poor locust is probably still alive in there. :( Poor thing.

But in good news Nuf certainly looks a lot better than she did in her first photo. According to what I've read it's pretty common for Venus Fly Traps to experience really quick growth when you first get them. It's not really known why, but probably because they are in a different environment to the "industrial" places they were bred in. So nothing I've done, but still good to see her with so many new traps.

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  1. What a great "pet"! I always wanted a venus fly trap! LOL

  2. I'd spent my entire childhood dreaming of owning one. Thought it was about time I made that dream come true!!

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