Saturday, July 25, 2009

Strong Shoulders Are The Best

Jim got home from Boston last night, and to celebrate (and deliver duty free cigarettes for Karen), we headed straight down the local. There was a New Bar Man on (friend of Cute Bar Man) and I was most pleased for he has the most pleasingly large shoulders (with acceptably large arms to boot). Plus cute guy who was at least 2.1m walked in and made me go "Phwoah". He was delicious, and even Jim (who only has eyes for Cute Bar Man usually, and me of course :p ) was rather besotted.

A good night was had by all. Except those who were trying to avoid being perved over by the two gay guys in the corner (note: we had off duty Cute Bar Man and Brazilian Bar Man sitting with us, so we can't be all bad... ;) ). OK... New Bar Man did not help the situation by massaging Cute Bar Man. What is it with straight guys these days? Such teases... *not complaining*

Just been out and got a Gibbs a nice new stand and light for our living room floor. That way he can stay out of his viv a bit more often (he loves being out and about in the living room). We went down the local for lunch after shopping and they have a new menu. Absolutely gorgeous Sri Lankan food. Really nice curry and a lovely set of starts. Numnumnum.

Talking of numnumnum, have you seen what has happened to Kenzie, of Blazing Squad and Celebrity Big Brother? Here's a picture of Kenzie from the past, all slim and cute. Niw here's a picture of him as is (via Tottyland):

I quite liked him how he was but you will not hear me complaining about this change!! Wowsers.

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