Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Squeaky Gate

Our next door neighbours are "dodgy". Not anti-social behaviour dodgy, but certainly up to something. Whilst this is a cause of mild interest it's never really been something that's bothered me much as at least they keep whatever they do quiet and unobtrusive (except for that time the police came and cordoned off the crossroads our house sits on, but that was more fun drama than annoying ASB).

If they are so quiet how do I know something dodgy goes on next door? I hear you ask. Well there is always at least one occupied car sitting outside their house at all times of the day, as if they were waiting for someone who had gone into the property. Not much evidence, but enough based on the way the people in the car never make eye contact with you.

All well and good. But I've spent the last few days off work at home and I am growing increasingly grumpy. Why? Because every 5 minutes (NOT AN EXAGGERATION) the frigging front gate is opened by one of their frequent visitors and issues a rusty squeak. I'm sure there must be some WD40 around here and if this goes on much longer I'm going to go out and fix that bloody gate. Grr... the sound of the gate is going right through me.

I have never noticed it before, so either the gate has only just started squeaking or I'm just more sensitive.

NOTE: Whilst writing this blog post, which took me 8 minutes, the gate has sounded 5 times!! 5!!!!!!! *breathes, reminds himself there are more important things to worry about than a neighbour's squeaky gate, moves on*

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  1. hi jae, sounds very much like drug dealers...squeaky gate is a early alert system for early morning raiders e.g the old bill.!!.mark

  2. Yeah, drug dealers what I figured. Never thought of the early warning signal! But when old bill come for them, they don't need an early warning system. They tend to come in force and loudly based on previous experience!