Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jae and Jim Go On A Diet

No, Dear Constant Reader, we're not back on the orange diet again (and let that be the last time we mention that diet or even that particular type of fruit!!). And really when I say diet it's more a lifestyle change than anything: we are going back to basics.

That's how we found ourselves at a checkout in Tesco's Lewisham pushing a trolley that looked more like a Harvest Festival basket than a weekly shop.

Upon getting home I threw everything that was in the fridge out and replaced it with veg, fish and fruits. Before you think this doesn't sound that drastic, I'd also like to mention one thing: I'm having no more Diet Coke!! Or fizzy drinks of any kind. Jim even poured his Irn Bru down the sink. It's that drastic.

For new Dear Constant Readers, and those not paying attention, Diet Coke is to me what air is to other people. This is going to be very difficult. Very difficult indeed.

Things are not helped by the fact Tom, one of the "new" housemates in Big Brother, has left the BB house. He was the only totty in that house and it's going to be difficult to watch from now on, having to listen to Noirin and Marcus is enough to drive me to chocolate.

Wish me luck!!

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  1. You will be so skinny when we see you in March we will have to say to both of you..."You are too thin." "Eat something, right now!" We plan to be in London early in March for an orgy of musical theatre and we will bring American candy for you -- to be replaced in the luggage on the trip home with pounds and pounds of Bittermints. Really hope to see you then and have a pint with you at your local. What night is the trivia contest?