Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 3 In The Diet House

So.... OH MY GOD MY HEAD HURTS!!! A major headache came over me yesterday evening and is continuing 24 hours later. Strangely the last time this happened was when I got rid of caffeine, sugar and bread from my diet. Weird. Based on previous experience I should be ok this time tomorrow.

To be honest the last two meals I've had have not only be healthy and heavy on vegetables but absolutely delicious. This diet isn't all that bad!! (Note three meals now, my blogging was interrupted by a very welcome dinner).

But on the plus side, my sudden increase in intake of water has resulted in my skin becoming all lovely and soft. *strokes self happily*

I haven't seen tube boi in weeks!! WEEKS!! Thankfully there was a total tottyfest on the tube home today, with two muscular Italian men sitting right next to me. With big arms. I was most amused.

In case some of you may have not noticed I'm totally obsessed with Twittering right now. At least I can claim I was on Twitter way before most people, it's the silver lining on this great big cloud of sad bastardness.

Happy times, Dear Constant Reader!!

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  1. You? Addicted to something? Shockers!