Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In Memorandum Updated: The State Of MY Blogosphere

The blogging world has changed so much since I first began blogging way back in August 2001 (not that I'm suggesting it changed because I started blogging!).

3 years ago I did an "In Memorandum" post in which I lamented those changes in a "Remember the Good Ol' Days" type post. I thought I'd revisit it.

Firstly time to update the links (is there a name for collectors of dead blogs?? Other than 4 letter ones!!! ;O ) to those who have fallen, as since that post was made many of them have disappeared into the cyber ether. Let us have a 21 gun salute as we do roll call:

True Porn Clerk Stories - Hilarious

Somagod - Intelligent

in the Closet Boy - The first blog I ever read.

- Complicated, confusing and it's damn shame his blogs are gone but his title page still shows just how brilliant Dusty was. And still is I suppose if he survived his teenage years.

Just Like Heaven still eludes me!! Grr...

As does Gregita

Sister Mary Matthew although the connected Pink Sheep is still going as a forum. Sister Mary Matthew had such wit!

In sad news Blue Roses has gone the way of the F*cked Blogs. I used to love her Sims obsession and her worrying slash fiction regarding N*sync. I especially liked when the two obsession met up. Weird but so much fun! Speaking of F*cked Blogs, there was once a website devoted to chronicling the "deaths" of blogs and mocking the overly dramatic last posts for our amusement. That too is now dead. Irony.

Princess Ari was still going back in April.

Which just leaves Deb. Blogging seems to have the sort of casualty rates last seen at the Battle of the Somme!!

But... good news!!

and Mister Alan have both reappeared. Perhaps there is still hope for quality personal blogs out there!

So secondly, I have sold out. Yes, there are ads on my blog. And I'm an Amazon Associate. And I'm making money (May was my best month yet when I made over $100 from one link ad alone [which I bet you didn't even notice did you Dear Constant Reader?!]). Not much, but a little. Let's be honest I'm so tired of living a 9 - 5 existence I'm willing to do anything to try to break out of it. I made my promise to a tramp in Brighton that I wouldn't join the Rat Race well before I wrote that post and I think my promise to him is thus more important. Of course it's a pipe dream but anyways... let's not get any more depressed than we need to right now! :D

Finally... I still haven't found any blogs like those that are listed above. I just looked through my reader and whilst there are plenty of blogs I read religiously (including some of yours Dear Constant Reader!!) there are none that I read... emotionally, if that makes sense. And worse this very blog has become the same as all the others... monochrome, emotionless and faceless. And who do I have to blame for that? Me. This blog has become less a personal diary and more a scrapbook of random jottings, news stories and half naked men. Half naked men can stay and links to news stories can stay too but I've got other blogs for writing and opinion. This blog is meant to be all about ME! And that's why I used to love those blogs listed above... because they were all about the people who wrote them and that was awesome. I never used to have anything interesting to say, but it always seemed a lot more interesting than the stuff I write now! I will try to improve and keep off topic posts on one of my other blogs (of which there are so many I can't fail to find a place where it will be on topic!!)

Oh nearly forgot, there is one blog I LOVE, which I think keeps to the old fashioned ways of blogging I so adore: i am bossy. She deserves adoration, flowers and allsorts of nice things for she makes me smile, and makes me sad. Usually at the same time. Which is good :D

Cor that feels better... can you tell I'm missing Jim? :p

This blogger works for nothing but the joy of writing but always appreciates things bought from his wishlist

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