Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big Brother: So Very Dull

So why do I keep watching? Yes, Dear Constant Reader, you thought I'd got bored of Big Brother weeks ago and had stopped watching, didn't you? NEVER!

So what's happened? Hmm... Scary Sree has left the building, Angel also made an exit and thankfully great big bully Kris was kicked out this last eviction night. Sadly, despite this deadweight being lost, there is still no one I actually like in the house. Thankfully new housemates arrive at the end of this week (after a week of visits by housemates of the pass! Woo!).

But until then let's see what we have left:

Rodrigo. He looks cute but I've always been sceptical of him because of his VT stating he went to church every day. What sort of person goes to church EVERY DAY?? Someone without a life. Rodrigo is far too tightly wound and highly strung and gets annoyed over the stupidest things. If only he'd smile sometimes and stopped whinging I'd be behind him all the way.

Charlie. He's just a stupid gay. One of those boring queens who read Heat magazine and think having a life means going out to clubs. All the time. His inability to see the evil that was Kris makes him my least favourite queer of the series. Oh wait...

Lisa. Wow. She's miserable! Does she ever stop not liking other people in the house? The fact they all look to her as the wiser older housemates bemuses me completely.

Halfwit. He's moved on from awkward outsider to smug, arrogant inner circle plotter (alongside Marcus) who is guilty of all the things he used to protest against with Kris. Grr...

Marcus. He's taken over from Halfwith as the awkward one. His chasing after Noirin is borderline terrifying and makes Sree look positively reluctant! I cringe everytime he comes on.

Noirin. I just wish she'd grow some balls and be honest with Marcus. God girl, stop leading him on by not telling him enough is enough.

Dogface. Nothing. She may as well be a bag of air for all the personality she has.

Karly. Unintelligent, loud mouthed chav. I 'hink she cannae win.

Siavash. He doesn't believe in evolution. Sorry, but that's all I need to know.

Bring on the new housemates!!!

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  1. British Bear7:45 am

    I've lost track of all of this. There seems to be very little media coverage, which is how I usually know what is going on in the House (I would never dream of watching it). How much longer is this series on for? Although, come to think of it, how much longer will Channel 4 think BB is a good use of air time?

  2. It's still got a good few weeks to go yet. I have to say the idea of getting old housemates back for brief visits this week to celebrate the 10th anniversary have really livened up the show. But otherwise it has been quite lacklustre. Alas.

  3. I've not seen much of this series (or the past few actually), but whenever new housemates are added - it ruins the whole series for me. They never fit in, voting is skewed and it just looks like the producers are desperate.

    Adding people this late makes no sense to me.