Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't Worry Not All My Posts Will Have Half Naked Men

Just the good ones ;) I'm becoming reluctant to post these pictures any more due to the silly flagging policy. There's nothing indecent about these pictures (unless you are a real prude, I've seen more nudity than this at work. If half naked men upset you, it must be very difficult for you on hot days!) but I've seen many gay blogs disappear behind the Blogger warning page. Alas...

So Jim should be back tomorrow/Saturday morning from his work trip to America. I've really missed him this week, and Gibbs has too (I can tell as Gibbs keeps jumping out of viv, sitting on Jim's chair and looking all lost before sheepishly returning to his home). Hardly surprising as Jim cuddles Gibbs to sleep. This is why I love Jim.

I'm just waiting to complete my registration for the local dentist (yes, Dear American Constant Reader, I haven't been registered to a dentist for years!) as I think I've broken a back tooth. Hurts like hell :( Also not feeling so good so off work to boot.

Plus I've foolishly been researching Shadow People. What was I thinking??? It only upsets me. Anyhew, another of my ramblings.. on to today's entertainment (both blogs are flagged Blogger blogs, so it's apt I use them today)

Yoinked from Tottyworld

Yoinked from Stunning Sexy Guys

This blogger works for nothing but the joy of writing but always appreciates things bought from his wishlist


  1. Jae its a little bit of work an option you might try is a "Below the Belt Blog" post a first PG pic and if people click on the the Below the Belt link it goes to the xrated pix you post on another linked blog behind the Adult Content page.

    This will work if you post an x-rated pic occasionally.

    Of course I gave up and just went Adult with mine ;)

  2. Yeah it's an option, but I never post an X Rated pic, let alone PG.

    I mean, the pictures I post are 99% nothing more than you'd see on the beach or in the park on a sunny day.

    But thanks for the advice, I will bear it in mind if I need it! LD

  3. not on the beach in England!

  4. Oh ye of little faith. You have to go down on that one specially hot sunny day. I think we've missed it now. God I miss living by the seaside.