Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tube Train Etiquette

I often sit in the priority seats on the District line. Mainly this is because my legs are so stupidly long that if I sat down in the ordinary seats I'd cause a great deal of inconvenience to others. Mainly I stand but if I do sit it'll be in the priority seat.

Of course sitting there comes with certain responsibilities. If someone comes on and mneeds the seat, I give it (and usually, unless I'm really not paying attention, without them asking). So today this couple got on the train with their young son (4 or 5). I offered my seat to them as I thought the Mum could sit down with her son on her lap (I just offered the seat, not instructions on how to use it though lol). She acted as if I'd just offered to punch her in the face, gave me an evil look and turned her back on me. Not five seconds later the boy was crying because he was unsteady holding the pole standing up and the father had to pick him up. The two parents then spent the rest of the journey giving me evils, the "I want that chair" look so common on the tube. Well I was a little pissed with the way she'd looked at me and so, seeing the boy was more than happy in his Dads arms even if his Dad wasn't so happy about it, I resolutely sat in that seat ignoring them completely.

Was I wrong? I feel bad about it now but honestly I offer the seat, get a rude rebuff and then when suddenly they realise they need it (something I could of told them!) I'm the one who they give evils to??? Grr... Still, feel bad about it though. God darn my inability to feel truly evil and enjoy it.

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  1. No, you weren't wrong. One offer, one refusal is the usual etiquette - no second chances!

    P.S. On a matter of correct English...

    This is a mistake you make a lot and I cringe every time I see you make it. I could of told them should be I could HAVE told them. I always feel a bit self-consciously patronising when nerdily correcting people's typos - especially as I make so many myself - but I feel justified cos you've admitted you have things you're nerdy about too. ;)

    I happen to be nerdy about correct language - it also happens to be my job to be nerdy about it! :-p

  2. You need not worry! So many people have corrected me about it, and done so through the comments. It is something I used to spend time really worrying about but then I realised I write twenty times better than most people (based on my net surfing and on correspondence from my customers over the years) so thought "I can have a few language foibles!"

    It's when I receive serious letters written in txt speak that I start to get nerdy about correct language! :D

  3. No, I can't see that you did anything wrong. You offered, they refused. End of.

    If they then later realised their need, there was nothing to stop them approaching you and politely and humbly offering to take you up on your earlier offer.

    If you had offered them, again, without being asked, you would have run the risk of being seen as a nag, assuming to know their needs better than them or even slightly harrassing