Thursday, July 30, 2009

One Compliment

Today. at lunch, I was sitting down to eat my prawn salad, banana and mixed nuts when my boss looked at me and went "Have you lost some weight?". I haven't seen much of her of late and all she has seen of me is my profile in the distance should she glance across at my far flung desk (you do not know how gratifying it was to have the company of a new starter who was watching me work... I would have been grateful for his company even if he wasn't a ruggedly handsome bit of rough from Australia. Grr... [Grr meant in the good way]). So I was pretty pleased someone had noticed a little change (I've been on a semi diet for a couple of weeks before I properly started on Sunday). :)

Spurs me on to lose a little bit more...

Nuf still hasn't relinquished her first meal so I'm guessing that trap is probably going to die. Even that small locust must of been too much for her. Although the trap still looks perfectly healthy... perhaps it might be alright.

Gibbs is still as cute/handsome/drop dead gorgeous as always. He's like a really lazy, miniature dog. I love watching him run around the living room when he is out, the way he runs is so funny. Not as funny as the way this beardie runs, but I wouldn't put poor Gibbs on a wooden floor; it'd be like us running on an ice rink!

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  1. Better watch out..if you loose too much weight she won't recognise you anylonger.

    Or, she'll"watching" you like you watched the starter :)

  2. That is a disturbing thought.