Thursday, July 09, 2009

A World Without Men? Bless The Stupid Journalists

Some scientists find a way to create something pretty damn close to a human sperm and the media (and foolish idiots) start imagining a world without men. Well here's the pictures guys, if we were able to find a way to ensure a healthy genetic diversity (which we probably would given humanities amazing ability to solve problems eventually when we finally really need to [but not before!]), within a few generations women would start to disappear too. Women are not some divinely separate being from men. They are one part of how humans evolved through procreation. Without the need to find a mate their bodies were very quickly begin to adapt to a new reality. A few hundred generations? There would be no men, no women, no humans. What would be left would be a new species. That is the crux of it.

Based on this sample of opinion on the blogs most of the bloggers mentioned are either terrifyingly sexist (I'll never understand why it's ok to be sexist against men) or those worrying sort of wimpy men who see the emasculation of men in every news story (they seem to believe their penis gets a little smaller each time a woman turns out to be just as good as they are. Sadly it's always been that size). None seem to have grasped the basic scientific principles behind sexual reproduction and it's affect on evolution. Bless them.

A world without men would also become a world without women. Now can we move to something more interesting like new salamanders

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