Thursday, July 02, 2009

Nuf The Venus Fly Trap

When I was younger I used to hate being taken to the local garden centre. No, not for the usual kiddie reason of it being "boring" (trust me I used that excuse for just about every other shop!) but because it was full of the most marvelous things that I desperately wanted but could not afford (nor could my Mum at the time, despite much begging on my part!).

The pet section had terrapins, tropical fish, budgies, rabbits and allsorts but our own home menagerie (imagine a petting zoo with goats, a tortoise, 2 large dogs, 3 cats, 2 rabbits, a fish pond, a fish bowl, 2 hamsters and whatever I'd dragged in after a walk with the dogs) was already overflowing and I always left without anything feeling disappointed.

There was a section even more exciting, a small shelf for "exotic" plants populated with some cacti (which Mum did let me get YAY!) and the carnivorous plants. That was when I first laid eyes on a Venus Fly Trap and have wanted one ever since. So the other day I finally got round to ordering one from a nursery whose online store is appropriately named "Little Shop Of Horrors".

Today it arrived. I'm going to let it settle before I photo it, in case it dies an ignoble death early on.

A new addition to Jim and I's budding menagerie!

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