Thursday, July 31, 2003

Just realised, after counting my change, I have exactly 7 pounds for the next two weeks. This could be rather interesting/depressing as I am supposed to be going out Saturday with Ben. Hmm....

Any get rich quick schemes or ideas out there? May set myself up as Jaundiced Jae the psychic of Lympne and charge 8 pound a reading....
Don't you hate it when you lose a blog post. Specially one you just spent hours writing. Grr...

I am now a skills coach at work which means I will spend at least 50% of my time off the phone helping others. Which at least shows I am appreciated. I have found florwalking means I get to have a little laugh while I work. One of Angela's stories of drunken night in police cell made me laugh till tears were streaming down my faces. It's the way she tells em!

Went out last night with Zoe, John, Elliot, Laura, Matt, Lucy and random blonde girl. We all went to the Leas Club, which was good. Zoe mentioned going to Brighton Pride. I got a tad over excited again!

Why do conservatives take homosexuality so seriously? I know this sounds rude but... what on Earth does it have to do with them if I go to Hell or not? Are they just concerned for my well being? Why are people who are supposed to believe in personal freedom and ending the Nanny state so keen to annoy me into getting my shotgun? See here and here for examples of the interfereing Nannies at work. Guys, you need to get REAL jobs!

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Ok... so after I got home Zoe came and picked me up. I was just a tad hyperactive after weekend... we headed to Gee's where we saw Claire, and rather randomly, Adam. John arrived, followed by Mister Matthew. Scary stuff! Had good time. Zoe gave me lift home *hugs*

Monday got to work.... did nothing (I'm floorwalking see.. that requires me to do absolutely no work all day). did have my first Sports and Social Meeting (I am a founding member... cool!) where we discussed lots of fun stuff.

Tuesday.... it's suprising how quickly getting paid to do nothing gets quite dull....

You're Making It Worse Now

Make Up Your Own Minds

And Here

I totally support it with my emotional side.. but my practical, fairer side screams NO! Are they going to open up a school just for straight kids who are secure in their sexuality?

Sunday, July 27, 2003


Long post read it all.... or I'll.. erm.... write nothing forever more... mwhahaha... or you could read the shorter report from the Guardian here and check out some Photo's

So Friday Jon came and picked me up and we went to Gareths house, where we consumed three bottles of red wine, and he went thru possible outfits for Saturday. Ste phoned to say the people he was going with had stood him up. Normally I would have been sympathetic, but I had to face a few home truths. I am the only person who gets on with him. He can be cruel and very rude. And he would have ruined the day out for everyone, including me. So I told him straight that I had other plans. I thought I was cruel, but at least I told him before he got to London or anything.

Went to bed, Gareth got home from a works do, about 2.30 am. We all got up about 6 and started to get ready. Gareth drove us up to London, and we parked in a cheap 24 hour car park near Waterloo. I got a voice mail from Ste saying he was in London, getting his haircut and I should text him when I was ready to meet. hmm.... I did not reply. After an emergency find a toilet mission, we strolled into town, along the embankment, and got a Coffee Frapuchino (sp?) at Starbucks in Leicester Square. Then I went to Charing Cross to meet Ben, while Jon and Gareth strolled off to the start of the march.

Met Ben and we wandered down to find them. they told me how they had seen Josh Rafter (the word JEALOUS barely covers how I felt!) Ben disappeared to toilet. Returned with fake flowers adorning his shirt and left arm. I saw David Bull who is so sexy in the flesh. Mmm.... Lots of fun people everywhere (like the two drag queens with beards dressed as cleaning ladies who were hoovering the streets and dusting off the traffic lights)

The march started, with a huge gay pride flag. We watched it go by, Jon and Gareth weren't too keen on joining... I don't blame em, all tho I was eager to. Saw the OUT bus, and more fun people... Just then Ben decided we were going to join parade, and off me and him went trooping along with all the others. Jon and Gareth had to wait at Embankment for a mate. Me and Ben got bored by Trafalgar Square, and he was bored of mingers coming on to him, so we jumped a barrier, and headed for China Town in search of the others. Found Gareth, Jon, G's mate Greg and a random girl at West Central.

We wandered up to Hyde Park, catching the back end of the parade (60000 people can't be wrong!). Got there, I was torn between Pride and a small rebellious party called the Gay Mutiny.... Had to take pic of Ben with two soldiers... lucky boi! Got in, queued for drinks tokens. Waited around on grass for a mate of Jons called Sol. Good chance to scope. Mmmm.. gay men are far sexier than straight ones. After Jon said hello, we headed off for the main area.. saw Liberty X. (Kill Them... Kill Them All) and that blonde girl from Brookside. The main stage was being presented by the drag queen from Yankee Panky (loving her).

It did start to rain so we headed for a tent, dancey music blaring. Ben got a pic with a sailor. :op Got bored. The others headed for another dance tent while I... went to main stage watched Matt Bros (...when... will I... will I be famous??), and a political speech, drank loads of beer, and watched a footie match. They returned, and we watched more music (the rest of the acts we saw were Ultra Nate, Skin, Pete Burns and the Dead Or Alive Crew, Bananarama, and... erm..... Gina G.... all presented by Brian Dowling and Graham Norton). Went in the Drag tent, hosted by his loveliness Dave Lynn. Had a brill time in there... so funny. Am certain that the steward at the door was Pam Ann... hmmm....

Me and Ben found a stall for FREE PORN. Woo... Ben swapped some of his flowers for a red glitter cow boy hat, and decided to go topless despite it raining. Seemed to be quite a few children everywhere... only saw one with their parents tho... hmmm... Good to see so many gay men and women all in one place...

Anyway... at about the same time everyone decided it was too wet and muddy so a mass exodus towards Oxford Circus underground began. It was crazy in there.... on tube we were standing right next to those cleaning ladies we saw earlier... they were trying to start a sing along, in between complaining about how messy the tube was... Got off at Waterloo, went to car, everyone got changed in car park (lovely vision for the passersby I am sure!) and we headed back on to tube to Leicester Square). Twas pouring hard!! Went to the Yard for a drink. Jons mate Sol was there, along with some bloke called Phil (who said I was mature for my age.. must start being immature). We had an ok time (was very tired, very drunk, and very wet by this time). Got tube back to car park, said goodbye to Jon, Sol and Phil who were off clubbing in Brixton, and me, Gareth and Ben headed to Gareths house, via Essex (don't ask!). Ben was to stay the night. Slept soundly. Got up, and Jon turned up and gave me and Ben a lift back to Folkestone.

IT WAS A FAB WEEKEND. I know that I don't always look happy but I secretly am ok?

Hopefully pics will follow if I can get some scanned in. Lots of pics in fact...

Friday, July 25, 2003

Homo Homophobes

As you know my internet hangout is Out In The Uk. I used to think the men on there were less bitchy and more.... nice. Not likely!

Here are some quotes: "I'm going to London tomorrow.It is the perfect opportunity to see the rest of the city knowing all screaming queens are fenced in one area." - James B

"am i the only one who wouldn't be seen dead at Pride or whatever it's calling itself now?" - Daydreaming, Admiring, Being

"What is the attraction to pride and mari gras (sic)? I just don't get it..." - Fraggle

What is so wrong with Pride? Now I can understand some people wouldn't like it. Fine. But why are they sooooo anti it?? What is wrong with screaming queens? Queens are our loudest, proudest members, who make sure no one ever forgets that gay men exist. Without their bravery in the past, how could those of us who are not queens get along? Huh?

So I for one say this. I am proud to be gay, I am proud to go to Pride, and I am proud that it is a crappy commercial experience, with little soul.

Why? Cos it'll be a laugh, and there'll be beer. And I am so looking forward to a combination of mud and gay men. And I'll see Ben. Woo!! So ner!

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Monk, With French's

Mmm... having lovely evening, just watched the Monk TV Movie. Love that show. While eating hot dogs with French's (scary how much of a closet American I can be!). Do I know too much about American culture?? Answers in my comments box...

Note to self: must visit San Francisco as soon as possible.

Anyhew... am so desperate to visit somewhere new and exciting... will have to wait for next pay day I know... but I could really do with spreading my wings for a couple of days in somewhere very random!

Did some floorwalking today. Realised I have spent more time off phone this week than on it. Amazing.

Day off tomorrow...

Just checked a few of my links, amended some. Sad to see so many "dead blogs". :o( If you want me to amend your link let me know.

Now straw poll time... if you read this say hello in my comments, or I shall set the boys on ya (those are the ugly boys before you get excited).

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

The Last Train To Westenhangar

At work have seemingly been upgraded to a select group of six agents, called Skills Agents.... hmm... I am scared!

Spent day training people yet again. Everyone has started asking me questions... as if I know stuff.. eek!

Got home for princely sum of 1 quid. How? By catching the last train to Westenhangar, the least used station in Kent. It sits in the middle of a divided and dying village, about 15 mins walk from my own. My carriage companions were three people from Dover who couldn't spell Ramsgate or Maidstone, but could spell fucking... well done! And a bloke who kept slapping himself, and mummering... joy! Train only cost a quid, as that's how much I put on my travel permit... no one came to make me buy a ticket...

Nearly got run over by two tractors on way home...

Am home alone tonight, Mum's at her head office and the others are at the family villa in Spain.

Sometimes I think this blog is more trouble than it's worth...

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Long Time Gone

Mmm... Dolph was on V Graham Norton last night..... he, as any long time reader should know, is the man who turned me gay.

I didn't floorwalk today in the end.... instead I had another special assignment.. tutoring the same person I was last week...

Had lunch with Mum at the cafe.

Zoe picked me up from work, we went to my house, watched loads of wierd stuff (a film about a Victorian American time traveller [were there American Victorians??], a documentary about Fabio [the lady who runs this site was on it in fact] and a documentary about a funeral parlour called, "humourously", Don't Drop The Coffin)

Do you think if I invented a time machine I could go back to the Eighties and marry Fabio??

Monday, July 21, 2003

But I'd Call It Otherwise

Gareth came round tonight. He met Mum, who likes him. We had a chat about certain things, and sorted them out. Good to see him.

Loving my Morcheeba album that Laura bought me.. tis so cool. Morcheeba rock!!!
I'm Under Your Curse Now

Today was very, very busy. Basically, in laymans terms normally the phone lines are "dammed" to meet industry standards. Today they opened that dam and a flood of calls came in... I took 150% more calls than normal!! Tomorrow is my first day being "floorwalker" (senior agent). I am most trepiditious. Wish me luck.

Thanks to Forceful and Moderate for the heads up. And the nice words, after that nasty Conservative hate piece. He he...

After work went and sat in Mum's office with her and Debbie-Debs, which as always was surreal. Those two are weird! Did the shopping with Mum, saw Zoe at work, and then had a curry. Mmm....

Things I forgot in last post... Wednesday I also saw Emily and Suzanne from Eurotunnel which was cool. Saturday... Gareth invented a new language... had twelve words last I checked.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Wednesday was a very good day. My monthly evaluation went well which was grrreat. I have been asked to be Senior Agent for a week in two weeks time, which was quite a compliment (compliments were the theme of this day!)

After work I was to meet up with Stacey at Spoons at 7.30pm. So that left me an hour and a half to kill. I wandered up Cherry Garden Avenue and on a whim took a turn into the council playing fields behind my old school. Why? I just felt it was the right way to go. As I wandered up the alley by the football ground I almost literally bumped into one of my old crushes. How bizarre I thought. But this was to set another theme for the evening. I stopped by Safeways to say hi to Zoe, then headed for Skuba for a pint, phoned Gareth and then moved down to Spoons. Stacey arrived and I remembered how much fun she is! Chris, a boy from work who was also in my year at
school arrived, followed by Patricia and David.

After some wierd conversations, I went down stairs to find some people from school were also there... Bruce, Sam, Lee, Terry and others. Chris had told them I was gay, thus I had to put up with them chatting about it for awhile. We headed for Mustangs, ran away from there as kareoke was so awful. Headed down to Indigo where I saw Annie, Gem, and Zoe G as well as got a heads up from Sam Haggar. Patricia pole danced on top of speakers, and we got told off by bouncers.

Thursday I went out with Zoe, Gem and John to Ashford Bowling (I lost) and then to Ashford Spoons, where we say Dave Cartlidge, most random.

Friday Gareth came and picked me up and we went to his house which was nice.

Weekend went downhill from there on in. Got train from Ramsgate to Canterbury and spent Saturday in town with Stephen (my ex) bought Laura her birthday present (Red Hot Chilli Pepper's album) and stuff. Spent most of down lounging in Bar 11, West Bar (with Ste's mate Paul) and also searching Fenwicks for a guy Ste fancied. Found him in high street with random girl. Saw Ste's folks... very scary. Went back to Ramsgate, cooked a horrible meal for Gareth. Sorry. :o( Then we got ready for trip to Canters, drove in, went to Thomas Inglesby and Bar 11. Jon joined us, then we headed to a new club night Girls And boYs. It was ok. Not very good, but what with my encroaching dark mood it held up its own I spose. Not ever going again tho unless it improves. Saw Ste, Paul, and random lesbian I used to know. Sunday Gareth took me to Lauras via Bar 11

It was Lauras BBQ and it was most nice, spent time lounging on grass. Peps there were Laura (our hostess), Sophie (our wonderful salad experts), John, Zoe, Zoe G, Lucy (as in Lucy Langleys Party Infamy) and Lauras rather cute mate Stephan. Most jolly time. But as per rest of weekend my taxi got sent to wrong place... grr...

Then got home to find my transaction had been cancelled for Mardi Gras tickets, making me look like a right fool, and I had no money to buy anymore. Grr... grr... and double bloody grr...

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Had lunch with Mum again today at the new cafe, just around the back of my office building, very nice in there.

Has been most hot today... which is nice...

Erm.... oh my attempt to train that person have not succeeded... I am about the fourth person to fail to get him up to speed.

Monday, July 14, 2003

Ladies Wot Lunch

After work on Saturday I went home, and got ready for Gareth. He came and picked me up, and we went to Manston Tesco's, which is a kind of regular thing. We go oogle the staff, and buy essentials (like banana milkshake flavoured doughnuts, and Pepsi Max). Had as always a great time.

Sunday we stopped off on the way back to my place at De Olde Dukes Heads (I think that was the name) in Deal and had a pint. Some very nice men there... mmm.... (note to readers Deal is near Royal St. Georges where Tiger Woods will be shortly to play the Open. And Zoe has told me a rumour that Justin *breath* Timberlake will be doing some commentary there... *swoon*)

Got home and within 10 minutes Zoe and John arrived to collect me. We picked up Elliot and headed to the Leas Club, had a drink, got a choc shake from McDonalds, then went back to Leas Club for some jukebox funnage. Matt arrived.... haven't seen him in yonks. Had an ok night, and Zoe, graciously gave me a lift home.

Today was back to work again... worse luck! But was given a task to buddy up with Peter for a day and a half, and train him up. Was rather pleased they asked me to do that, hope I can help him. Shows they trust me with other people! Pay day tomorrow... yay!

Went to lunch with Mum today, as her new office is just behind mine. Nice and spanky it is too, but she is a Director now so she deserves it!

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Last night Zoe, John and Elliot came and picked me up from home and whisked me off to the wonderful Brookhill Country Park for a BBQ. What twas this in honour of you ask? Why today is Mr. Elliot's 20th birthday! Anyway we got there, chased some rabbits, Elliot and John played "cricket" and Zoe set the BBQ going. I wandered down to the lake where I saw a HUGE rat, a HUGE fish, and some ducks. Sam arrived and we had burgers and hot dogs, which was cool. Sam left, and we had marshmellows. Note: don't hold marshmellows over fire for so long that they turn into a whole different state of being... i.e. a mess. Played frisbee again, then we wandered to Zoe's car, went to Gee's I saw scary man from eurotunnel... and her sexiness Emmsy!! yay! She is so cool.

Glad work is over for the day... few..

Amusing stuff

Well written local blog

Friday, July 11, 2003

Wrong Turn A Roonie!

So there I was rounding off a particularly boring day when suddenly from out of the blue Gareth calls, and before I know it him and Rianne have whisked me off to the cinema to see Wrong Turn (kind of forgot to tell anyone I was going leading to much confusion at home). Wrong Turn was a cool horror movie which I really liked!

Oh yeah Good News hidden away at the BBC's site.... considering how much space has been given over to Section 28 in the media in the last few years, it's amazing how quiet the response is at mo. Will reserve judgement till the Daily Mail (Daily Bad News, and General UnBritish Complaining) comes out tomorrow.

Stacey has decided I am my teams representative to the new Social Club at work... she is her teams. Joy....

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Summer day

Zoe and John came and picked me up this morning and we headed off on a Hastings trip. Found a village called Icklesham... how cute is that.... although it seemed not so ickle to me. Anyhew...

Hastings was cool, we parked, got some fish'n'chips, and ate them on the beach. We were surrounded by seaguls, but we fought them off with nasty looks. Saw scary man who seemed to be singing a melody of songs in a Vic reeves stylee. After that we played Crazy Golf, which I was thrashed at.... I blame being distracted by topless men. But I was the only one to get a hole in one! Yay!

We moved on to Underwater World (formerly the Sea Life Centre) where my fave exhibits were the Angel Shark (ooo... very good) and the Cuttlefish (me love them!).

We wandered up to the shopping centre and while waiting outside of New Look for Zoe me and John noticed something going on at Boots, all the customers were leaving. Then the doors started to come down... just before they cut of all sounds we heard a man shout very loudly.... "Help! Their hurting me! Call the police!" Eek....

We got a drink from Mcdonalds, headed back to the beach, then after wandering the streets in search of sweets we went up one road... I decided we should try to cut across to the next street... this took far longer than I expected!! But anyway...

Got to a Spoons (my ninth.. altho found out one man has visited 618... a tad overdoing it I think) where I got a phone call from Ste checking up my Mardi Gras plans, then one from Gareth, saying hi... two calls in a row... very cool!

So we headed home, and Zoe got out a frisbee and we spent an hour throwing it around on the field near my house... my aim left much to be desired..... he he..

Been a good day... thanks Zoe and John!!!
Waiting For The Soldier To Come Back Again

Today is the 50th anniversary of the "end" of Korean War. 1078 British solider gave their lives in that war. Hundreds of thousands of lives were scarred or ended by that conflict on both sides. I hope today the Koreans can move on soon, and that wars like that one never need occur again.

I have never understood why anyone would want to start a war. How can anything get to the point where you want to snuff out the existence of other people? For all we know when you die; that's it. No Get Out Of Jail Free Card. So why would you wanna risk the lives of anyone? It's craziness. War isn't just Hell. It's pointless, stupid, unnessary, arrogant, and certainly goes against anything that is good, just, honest, decent.

Sometimes I despair in the human race.

And sometimes my heart swells with hope for the future. Canadians should be proud!

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

This article is great. Zoe Williams is probably my favorite Guardian correspondent, and this article just made me smile. If we outnumber the Church of England surely that would mean we should be the new national church? Ok so the preists robes would have to be designer, the baptismal water perfumed (CK Crave anyone?) and the songs a bit more hip, but it would otherwise be a pretty seamless transition.

I have the day off work tomorrow. Yay!

Monday, July 07, 2003

Gotta be quick.

OK so on Saturday Gareth came and picked me up from my house, we drove down into Dover where we, joined the end of Dover Carnival, found the end of Dover (it really exists), and then went and got a McDonalds up in Whitfield. I stayed over his, and had a great time as always.

Sunday he dropped me off at the zoo where Zoe meet me, and using her free mum's free ticket (thanks Steph!) we went round Port Lympne, and I pronounced every animal as cute. It was fun. Zoe saw some honey comb... persuaded her against buying it after the London hyper incident.

Then we headed to Gee's where John joined us, I annoyed everyone with my jukebox selections. After a brief fish and chips trip we got bored and headed off to Blockbusters. For a place with so many videos it sure has very little to offer.

Then we went for a drive. To be cont....


And that's how we ended up in Tenterden at quarter to eight on a Sunday evening. OK so that is pretty random even for us. But Tenterden was most cool. Really nice. Had a drink in the White Lion Inn, then came home thru the fog.

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Barry White has died. Which is a great shame. Got to like him through Ally McBeal. Thanks for the music!

Did absolutely nothing last night. Exciting stuff or what!!

And here's a good story of a politician doing something fun, to make life a bit better, despite oppostion from the practical, dreamless people.

It's the first Soho Pride today, being between pay days (i.e. a penniless fool) I can't go. Hope everyone has fun today!

Saw this link over at Gert's. Also check out this which has some pretty amusing tube related stories!

Friday, July 04, 2003

So last night, Gareth came and got me from work, we went and picked up Zoe and John, and went and saw Nicholas Nickleby. Now I thought (being the kind of guy who thinks Arnie films are intellectual) this was going to be a boring period piece, which would make me cringe. But, hoorah, twas a good movie, funny, soppy, and interesting enough to stop me yawning.

After that, we went to Wetherspoons, via rather near miss with a row of traffic cones. Had a good night, and Gareth dropped me off home.

I spent my day at work surfing this website which is funnier than I first thought. For example

I haven't recieved a chain email since about 1998 so I was most shocked, in a Wow What A Coincidence kind of way, to discover that today Ben sent me: this email

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Give Me Sunshine, Give Me Rain

So at the beginning of this week I decided to do something with my life, and find out what kind of job/career/lifestyle would make me happy. Just to give you an idea of how lazy I can be here is my list of things I have done to aid this: brief look at Learn Direct website, day dreamed about ruling the world.

Yes as you can see I am one hell of a constructive person!!!!

Being me tho.. I am about to try and persuade mum to take me to Sainsburys to change up all my billions of coppers for actual usable cash... yay!!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Stuck In A Rut

Yes.. this blog is officially stuck in a creative rut (did it ever get out of one you ask!)... has been for months... So posted this pic as it's better than what I normally waffle on about!

Stacey wandered into my room today, hugged me, said "I miss you" and left making me feel rather good!