Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Ok... so after I got home Zoe came and picked me up. I was just a tad hyperactive after weekend... we headed to Gee's where we saw Claire, and rather randomly, Adam. John arrived, followed by Mister Matthew. Scary stuff! Had good time. Zoe gave me lift home *hugs*

Monday got to work.... did nothing (I'm floorwalking see.. that requires me to do absolutely no work all day). did have my first Sports and Social Meeting (I am a founding member... cool!) where we discussed lots of fun stuff.

Tuesday.... it's suprising how quickly getting paid to do nothing gets quite dull....

You're Making It Worse Now

Make Up Your Own Minds

And Here

I totally support it with my emotional side.. but my practical, fairer side screams NO! Are they going to open up a school just for straight kids who are secure in their sexuality?

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