Friday, July 25, 2003

Homo Homophobes

As you know my internet hangout is Out In The Uk. I used to think the men on there were less bitchy and more.... nice. Not likely!

Here are some quotes: "I'm going to London tomorrow.It is the perfect opportunity to see the rest of the city knowing all screaming queens are fenced in one area." - James B

"am i the only one who wouldn't be seen dead at Pride or whatever it's calling itself now?" - Daydreaming, Admiring, Being

"What is the attraction to pride and mari gras (sic)? I just don't get it..." - Fraggle

What is so wrong with Pride? Now I can understand some people wouldn't like it. Fine. But why are they sooooo anti it?? What is wrong with screaming queens? Queens are our loudest, proudest members, who make sure no one ever forgets that gay men exist. Without their bravery in the past, how could those of us who are not queens get along? Huh?

So I for one say this. I am proud to be gay, I am proud to go to Pride, and I am proud that it is a crappy commercial experience, with little soul.

Why? Cos it'll be a laugh, and there'll be beer. And I am so looking forward to a combination of mud and gay men. And I'll see Ben. Woo!! So ner!

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