Saturday, July 12, 2003

Last night Zoe, John and Elliot came and picked me up from home and whisked me off to the wonderful Brookhill Country Park for a BBQ. What twas this in honour of you ask? Why today is Mr. Elliot's 20th birthday! Anyway we got there, chased some rabbits, Elliot and John played "cricket" and Zoe set the BBQ going. I wandered down to the lake where I saw a HUGE rat, a HUGE fish, and some ducks. Sam arrived and we had burgers and hot dogs, which was cool. Sam left, and we had marshmellows. Note: don't hold marshmellows over fire for so long that they turn into a whole different state of being... i.e. a mess. Played frisbee again, then we wandered to Zoe's car, went to Gee's I saw scary man from eurotunnel... and her sexiness Emmsy!! yay! She is so cool.

Glad work is over for the day... few..

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