Friday, July 04, 2003

So last night, Gareth came and got me from work, we went and picked up Zoe and John, and went and saw Nicholas Nickleby. Now I thought (being the kind of guy who thinks Arnie films are intellectual) this was going to be a boring period piece, which would make me cringe. But, hoorah, twas a good movie, funny, soppy, and interesting enough to stop me yawning.

After that, we went to Wetherspoons, via rather near miss with a row of traffic cones. Had a good night, and Gareth dropped me off home.

I spent my day at work surfing this website which is funnier than I first thought. For example

I haven't recieved a chain email since about 1998 so I was most shocked, in a Wow What A Coincidence kind of way, to discover that today Ben sent me: this email

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